April 28, 2012
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Check out Alice’s recent interview with SheKnows about The Raven:

She played a “perfect 10″ in the crowd-pleasing comedy, She’s Out of My League, but that rating might be downplaying Alice Eve’s real-life charms. A beautiful, soft-spoken and quick-witted native of London, Eve got her start in British television, and in little-seen independent features like Stage Beauty and Big Nothing. Now she’s sharing the screen (and her heart) with John Cusack in The Raven, a brooding thriller that tracks Edgar Allan Poe’s efforts to find a serial murderer.

“Obviously, this is a fictitious account,” Eve jokes. “I play an amalgamation of the four muses who populated [Poe’s] life. What I like about my character, Emily, is that she is very tenacious and intelligent and just as forward-thinking as Poe. No one else really ‘got’ Poe at the time, so she must have something going on upstairs.”

For Eve, Emily’s resourcefulness, independence and verve made the role an irresistible gift. And the opportunity to fall in love with leading man Cusack was an added bonus she won’t soon forget.

“John is a character,” Eve says with a smile. “We definitely went on a journey together, working these two people out. Working out, you know, if this is real love, and what they’d shared and what they hadn’t. For me, this was a real romance story… And he’s obviously an icon, so I felt very lucky to know and to work as closely with him as I did.”

It’s a rare romance, though, that buries its leading lady alive! In The Raven, Eve’s character battles not only her father’s disapproval of her relationship with Poe, but also a villain who locks her in an underground coffin and dares Poe to find her.

“We filmed [that sequence] in November,” Eve says. “Then we went back in January and did some more. It was horrific knowing, all of Christmas, that I was going to go back there in January — back into the box! It was pretty rough, but it was also cool to get to do it. Usually, if you’re buried alive, that’s gonna be the last time that happens, isn’t it?”

Above ground, Eve’s movements were constricted by 19th-century women’s fashion: petticoats, hoops, and corsets aplenty. But it didn’t take too long for her to get accustomed to the Victorian way of life.

“People are sort of fascinated by the corsets,” Eve says, “[but] I think they’re the same as high heels. Once you [embrace] something that is ‘no pain, no gain,’ then you just get used to it. We wear high heels like they don’t count, but they are terrible for you and they’re worse than corsets, really, because they affect your whole back. At least a corset keeps you straight.”

This summer, Eve will be seen in Men in Black III, trading quips with who else but Will Smith. But today, as The Raven prepares to spook moviegoers everywhere, its leading lady is focused on “boldly going” on a journey with JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sequel.

“I’m right in the middle of filming Star Trek, so my mind is on the girl I’m playing now. I want to keep her safe. I want to tell you everything about her, but I can’t tell you anything. I can’t tell you anything other than that she’s great!”

As her career continues to flourish with mainstream, big-budget successes, Eve says she’s proud to look back on the disciplined approach she took to learning her craft and on the value of the education that brought her where she is today.

“I became a careerwoman [after college], when my colleagues and peers were doing it, whether they were going off to do journalism in the city, or whatever it was. So I would recommend university to any young person. It’s the most important thing in the world. I don’t think I’d be anything without my education, really. Maybe funny, occasionally, but that’s all.”

The Raven flaps its wings on April 27.


April 28, 2012
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Check out Alice’s recent interview with Popsugar about The Raven which is in theatres now:

April 26, 2012
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Check out this recent interview with Alice about The Raven which opens in theatres tomorrow:

Alice Eve knew she would have to face fears to star in the action thriller “The Raven.”

To play the love interest for Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack), Eve had to face a dark dread. Her character, who becomes a pawn in a game of detective skills between the writer and a madman using Poe’s work to inspire murders, gets buried alive.

For a majority of the movie, Eve’s character is confined to a space so small there’s barely room to move her arms. Although a majority of the scenes were shot with the right side of the buried box open, there were several scenes where she was trapped under the earth.

“I had claustrophobia before I did the scene,” Eve says. “But, I do believe in facing your fears and taking that on. I think once you face them, they become less because you managed to go through the experience and controlled it. I really enjoyed having that experience because now I’m less claustrophobic.”

She talks calmly about the experience now, but the first time she was shut in the box left her in tears. When the lid shut, Eve panicked and took a large breath, which removed a lot of air from the confined space. But she returned to the box and, with more controlled breathing, was able to make it through all of the scenes.

She’s faced fears before. Eve has always loved entertaining, but the idea of taking on acting as a career filled her with fear. She faced the anxiety by blending small acting jobs with her university studies. By the time she graduated, Eve had built up a resume that gave her the confidence to pursue acting as a full-time career.

“The Raven” is the latest work that’s turning Eve into an actress for the ages.

She caught our attention in 2010 in the modern romance “She’s Out of My League.” Eve goes back to 1849 for “The Raven,” while upcoming roles include a flashback to the ’60s in “Men in Black III” and a trip to the future in the next “Star Trek” movie.

All of the work means bouncing between comedies and dramas.

Maybe it’s just memories of being buried alive, but Eve says: “It’s a much more pleasurable life to make a romantic comedy. Playing a romantic figure in a romantic story makes for a generally happy time. You come away with little damage.

“Playing this kind of stuff definitely scars you.”

She can live with the scars because working on “The Raven” left her a little stronger.


April 25, 2012
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Alice talked about the Star Trek sequel at the special screening for The Raven with E Online:

Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana aren’t the only ones loving the long hours filming the highly-anticipated Star Trek sequel.

Franchise newbie Alice Eve is right there with them…

“They’re incredibly civilized, and I’m loving it so I’m so happy I couldn’t be tired!” Eve gushed to us at last night’s premiere of her new thriller The Raven in L.A.

While Eve remained tight-lipped on details (like everyone else!) she did say this. “It’s a real ensemble and it’s a real group effort. Everyone’s very welcoming and generous.”

Meanwhile, Eve, who you may remember from by her breasty role as Charlotte’s nanny in Sex and the City 2, told us about filming a very scary scene for The Raven in which she’s buried alive in a coffin.

“It was intense,” she said. “You lose the oxygen when you get in there. It’s pretty dirty. You just have to get a hippy vibe going and get comfortable with being dirty all day. The shower was definitely the best part of the day.”


April 25, 2012
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Check out HitFix’s interview with Alice about The Raven:

April 24, 2012
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I have added pics of Alice at The Raven Los Angeles Special Screening yesterday.

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April 24, 2012
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Check out this red carpet interview Alice did with Los Angeles Times at The Raven Los Angeles Special Screening last night:

April 24, 2012
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Check out this interview Alice did with Shock Till You Drop which also includes their interview with Alice’s co star, John Cusack:

April 24, 2012
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Check out Alice’s recent interview with I Am Rogue about The Raven:

April 23, 2012
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Check out this recent interview with Alice about The Raven:

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